The Edible Wild Plants Memory Game in English

Finally, here is also the English version of the popular game Memory for the Young Plant Experts, on the topic of edible wild plants.

Since December 2016, you can order it from Divji Vrt (Wild Garden institute). It is a good idea for a business present, for the friends from abroad, or simply as a fun tool to learn both botany and English at the same time.




The game comprises 24 different images, a neat box, and instructions. Besides the English and Latin names, the instructions also cite the Slovene names (instructions without Slovene names are also available). They also include a description of the nutritional significance of each presented plant and a recipe for each one.










 The marvellous illustrations have been painted in watercolour by the  illustrator Ines Zgonc. She has also made graphic design of the game  and took photos that you can see here.










Image pairs. Each pair consists of two different illustration of the same plant species (e.g. the flower in one image and the fruit in the other).






The game teaches children to recognise different parts of the same plant species (leaves, flowers, fruits), which will help them recognise the plants in nature.

At the same time, they train mental combining and memory and have fun.  For 2 to 4, at least four years old, players. The game is also appropriate for primary school students and all novices in botany.


  Which plant is your favourite?









The price of the Memory is EUR 13. In December 2016, shipping is free. We send you the memory via mail. Orders are available via the web form shown below or by mail to


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